Trackless Keyboard Tray


The Trackless Keyboard Tray is an essential part of an ergonomically sound workstation, with up to 15° of tilt for a strain-free typing experience. This keyboard tray installs directly under your ZipDesk without a track, allowing it to fit tighter spaces while providing greater stability. When you’re not using it, you can simply stow it under your ZipDesk to free up space.


  • Ergonomic tilt of +10° to −15°
  • Trackless installation fits tighter spaces
  • Gauge makes returning to your perfect positions easy
  • Improved stability for more comfortable typing
  • Stows under your ZipDesk when not in use

Up to 15° of Tilt

The Trackless Keyboard Tray has the ability to tilt up to 10° down or up to 15° up. Tilt it up to reduce strain on your wrists for a pain-free and healthier typing experience.

Tilted Trackless Keyboard Tray

Trackless Installation

The Trackless Keyboard Tray is easy to install, and easy to stow under your desk when not in use. Compared with traditional "sliding track" keyboard trays, the direct mounting of this tray leads to less shaking while typing.

Trackless Keyboard Tray Installation

Mouse Platform

The mouse platform is independently adjustable, with a variable height, tilt, and position—move it closer to your keyboard so you don’t have to reach far.

Trackless Keyboard Tray Mouse Platform

Tracking Gauge

A handy tracking display means that you can easily return to your preferred positions. You may want to adjust your tray while sitting, standing, or walking, and the gauge makes doing so quick and easy.

Improved Stability

High manufacturing standards combined with a trackless installation give this keyboard tray unparalleled stability, so you can type with less shaking than ever.

Stows Under the Desk

Simply lift the front of the tray and push it under your desk for storage. The entire tray also rotates around the mounting point, allowing you to swing it under your desk sideways if you prefer.

Trackless Keyboard Tray Mouse Platform

Product Specs

Trackless Keyboard Tray
Total Height Adjustment
5.73″ (−1.25″ to −6.98″ under desk)
Adjustment Style
Easy Lift-n-Lock™ height adjustment
Keyboard Tilt Range+10° to −15°
GaugesSeparate height and tilt gauges, easily visible
Swivel Range
360° (for under-desk storage)
Tray Thickness
Tray Material
High density polyethylene (meets Green product requirements)
Tray Dimensions
19.4″ × 9.4″
Mouse Platform Dimensions
9.04″ diameter
Mounting Bracket Dimensions
4.2″ × 6.25″
Total Weight
10.8 lbs.

Product Diagram

Trackless Keyboard Tray Product Diagram 1
Trackless Keyboard Tray Product Diagram 2


Your ZipDesk ships pre-drilled for the Trackless Keyboard Tray, so you can skip any step relating to drilling pilot holes!

Please use the mounting template that came with your Trackless Keyboard Tray. If you print out a new copy of the mounting template, the pilot hole markers may not be drawn to scale.


The Trackless Keyboard Tray comes with a 15-year limited warranty.

We offer a 100-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this product. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase and would like to exchange or return it, please send it back to us and we will give you a full refund. Customer is responsible for shipping costs. No restocking fees apply. See Terms and Conditions for more details.


The Trackless Keyboard Tray ships FREE to the lower 48 States via FedEx Ground.

Time Table
Order Processing15–20 business days
Transit Time3–5 business days
Total Delivery Time18–25 business days
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