How Do We Do It?

When you need a new standing desk, and you need it fast, there is only one choice: ZipDesk, the new "desk-in-a-box."

With its innovative, modular design the ZipDesk is the only premium-quality, American-made standing desk that ships 95% pre-assembled, in a single box.

That means we can ship it out the same day if we receive your order by 12pm Eastern Time, and you won't have to wait at home for a freight shipment. Shipping in a single high-integrity carton also means less chance of damage in transit, and no chance of separation of packages.

The Secret Sauce

ZipDesk was created specifically for customers who need to receive and set up their standing desks as quickly as humanly possible.

By pre-assembling as much of the desk as we could, not only did we make it easier to for you to set up, we also made it easier to fit all the components in a single box.

The box in which your ZipDesk will arrive was itself a feat of engineering. The size and weight of a desk makes it a bit different than most packages that are delivered directly to consumers. Ensuring that the desk arrives undamaged was a top priority, and we went through multiple packaging designs before we found one that met our standards.

But we went even further than that. We designed the ZipDesk's carton to withstand multiple trips through the brutalizing shipping networks. So you'll want to hold onto the box, if you can. Why?

We know that most of our customers will change jobs and homes many times in their future, and will want to take their standing desk with them. Virtually all other standing desks were never designed to be taken apart, moved and re-assembled. At least, not easily. Uniquely, the ZipDesk not only comes apart in two minutes for easy transport by car, it takes only a few minutes more to take it apart, repack it in its original carton, and safely reship it to your next home or office where it can be instantly reassembled, without missing a beat. 

How Fast is Fast?

Standard orders with FREE SHIPPING that are received before 12pm Eastern Time will be shipped the same day via FedEx Ground, from Grand Rapids, MI. Delivery time will typically be 2–7 business days. You'll automatically receive a FedEx tracking number by email as soon as your desk is on its way.

Anything Faster?

At the moment we are only able to offer FedEx Ground. However, you may find faster delivery options, including same-day delivery in some major metro markets, by ordering through Amazon

So simple, it’s actually fun to assemble!

For those who want a look under the hood, here are the facts.

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A desk that's as ready as you are

A desk that's as ready
as you are

ZipDesk | A Desk as Ready as You Are