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Orders received before 12pm Eastern Time will be shipped the same day via FedEx, from Grand Rapids, MI. Orders received after noon will be shipped out the next business day. Standard orders get FREE SHIPPING via FedEx Ground. Delivery time will typically be 2–7 business days depending on the destination, weather and any covid-related delays FedEx may be experiencing at the time. You’ll automatically receive a FedEx tracking number by email as soon as your desk is on its way. 

At the moment we only offer FREE FedEx Ground shipping in the lower 48 states. However, in most major markets you may be able to receive your ZipDesk faster, as in 1-Day, Next-Day, or possibly even Same-Day delivery by ordering through Amazon.

Yes. Please contact our enterprise sales team through live chat (bottom right corner of your screen), email, or by calling us at 1-866-ZIPDESK for a custom quote.

ZipDesk is built in the USA with the highest quality precision components, for outstanding performance and reliability. And as such we back it with an industry-leading, TEN YEAR, top-to-bottom warranty.

That means everything is covered, including electronics and motors—even the desktop—for ten years. And because of the ZipDesk’s innovative modular design, in the unlikely event of a failed component, it’s super easy for the user to swap out. See all the warranty details here.

It’s so easy even a child could do it in under 5 minutes! The ZipDesk is mostly factory pre-assembled, and then securely packaged in a single carton. Only one tool is required - an Allen key, provided in the box - so you don't even need to break out the toolbox. Download the ZipDesk Assembly Guide or just watch the ZipDesk Assembly Video to see just how easy it is.

Because of the parcel carriers’ limitations on size, the largest desk we can ship via FedEx or UPS in a single box is 30″×53″. If you need a larger desk than that, please check out the tens of thousands of options we offer at

People who switch from a fixed-height desk to a height-adjustable sit-stand desk generally get addicted to them and never want to go back. We’re so confident you’ll absolutely love your new ZipDesk that we give you 100 days to decide if it’s right for you!

Just ship the ZipDesk back to us in new condition, in its original packaging, for a full refund. Note, if any product or packaging components are damaged by the customer or in transit the refund may be reduced to reflect their replacement cost. Shipping cost on a return is the responsibility of the customer.

For bulk orders we can run any conceivable color, from the full PMS or RAL catalog. The minimum order for a custom color is only 50 desks.

We also have the capability of printing any high resolution image on any size white ZipDesk desktop, which could be anything from a photo to a geometric pattern to a team or company logo. This capability will soon be made readily available to any user with no minimum quantity, but for now please contact for more information.

Yes, and it’s actually far more sophisticated and reliable than detection circuits found on premium standing desks that can cost 2×–3× more. Not only does the ZipDesk have user-programmable sensitivity settings, it also has a fail-safe tilt detector that will shut off the motors instantly if the desk starts to tilt over because of collision with an obstacle below.

Your ZipDesk will arrive with a Bluetooth transceiver already installed. Once you've downloaded the iOS app (Andriod app coming soon), follow these instructions to connect to your desk and control it via Bluetooth.

For Android users, if you ordered your ZipDesk through this site we will contact you by email as soon as the app is available in the app stores. If you ordered through Amazon or any other marketplace or dealer, we probably did not receive your email address, so please be sure to register your purchase with us to ensure full warranty coverage and to be notified of any new updates to the app.

When it comes to the quality of a standing desk, some of the key things to look out for are component quality, ease of assembly, lifting speed, weight lift capacity, noise signature, and most importantly, stability of the desk. After that, it's all about how long the desk will operate without shaking, making noise, showing visible signs of wear, or worst of all, having the electronics or one of the motors fail.

When buying a desk online, sight-unseen, you can try and put faith in increasingly fraudulent user reviews or perhaps find credible professional reviews online, but you still never know what you’re going to get until you receive the desk, put it together, and see how it performs over years of daily use. Most reviews are written when the desk is fresh out of the box, giving zero insight into the product’s long-term durability.

That’s why the commercial "contract" furniture industry exists, and why it still sells 40% of all office furniture. Big names in the industry include Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, et al. What makes their products "contract grade" is that corporate, government and education buyers can rely on ANSI/BIFMA testing and certification to know with certainty that they’ll be highly durable. Learn more about what rigorous ANSI/BIFMA testing entails.

Because commercial contract furniture products can only be purchased through exclusive dealerships, and only in very large quantities, they tend to cost 2–3× more than what you can buy online. And they often take weeks or months, not days, to receive. Let’s face it, they’ll never create an innovative self-install product like the ZipDesk because making money on installation fees is a key part of their business model.

The ZipDesk is ANSI/BIFMA certified to the same, exacting X5.5-2014 Testing Standard and is compliant with the G1-2013 Ergonomic Guideline as any other commercial-grade standing desk. But because we sell factory direct, not through an antiquated distribution structure that just adds massive cost and delay, we’re able to sell the ZipDesk at a fraction of what similar-quality desks generally cost.

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If you have any questions we didn’t answer above, please let our friendly and knowledgeable customer care staff assist. Ping us through live chat (bottom right corner of your screen), email, or by calling us at 1-866-ZIPDESK.

A desk that's as ready as you are

A desk that's as ready
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