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ZipDesk is a new spinout division of iMovR, the leading innovator in active workstation products, including standing desks and tables, desk converters and treadmill desks. Like iMovR, our technology center is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, and our manufacturing and fulfillment center is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where 90% of American-made office furniture is produced.

With iMovR already producing more standing desk models than any other company in the world, why spin out ZipDesk?

iMovR’s production model is on-demand, which means every customer’s desk is made-to-order based on their own personalized specifications, and thus they can choose from tens of thousands of designs to perfectly match their space and decor. And that also means it takes a week to produce each 3D-laminated desk, since none are pre-built in inventory. With specialized surfaces like natural solid wood and reclaimed antique hardwood orders can take three to ten weeks to fulfill.

ZipDesk was created specifically for customers who need to receive and set up their standing desks as quickly as humanly possible. Because the ZipDesk ships in single carton it can be delivered by FedEx or through Amazon in as little as one day, or picked up the same day in a retail store. Other desks that ship in two or more boxes are incompatible with automated warehouses and most retailers won’t stock them.

The ZipDesk’s innovative modular design assembles easily in just minutes, using only one tool (provided). Watch this video to see how the super-simple ZipDesk assembly compares with that of typical standing desks that require as many as 48 screws and a good hour to put together, assuming you’ve got the skills, the space and the toolbox to tackle the task.

So the ZipDesk ships fast, and assembles in under 5 minutes, but how durable and reliable is it?

With the renowned heritage of iMovR's American-made quality, reliability and industry-leading warranty coverage, the ZipDesk buyer can expect a delightful customer experience, from rapid order to rapid assembly and exceptional product quality. With the aim of a 100% installation success rate we fully test each desk before it leaves the factory. No other standing desk manufacturer does that.

The ZipDesk is built with the highest-precision, robotically-manufactured linear actuators available, and state-of-the-art electronics including Bluetooth interface. Compare that to most Asian-import desks that utilize the cheapest available componentry and transfer labor to the customer in order to cut costs.

The revolutionary ZipDesk design is so reliable that it’s actually ANSI/BIFMA X505-2014 certified, the gold standard for commercial grade "contract furniture" that many corporate, government and educational institutions require. And we back it with our TEN-YEAR Top-to-Bottom Warranty and 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Perfect for both home and commercial offices

In the realm of standing desks you'll find most companies focusing on either inexpensive, lower-reliability products for the home user to assemble on their own, or highly-durable but extremely costly, ANSI/BIFMA-certified products for the enterprise campus, expected to be professionally installed.

With ZipDesk we've created a single product line that is ideal for both home and office, creating a friction-free experience for all our customers. We recognize that your time is valuable, and no one relishes another "IKEA project" or having to hire a professional installer.

If you’re looking to purchase bulk quantities of the ZipDesk for your organization please contact us for volume pricing and custom color options.

A desk that's as ready as you are

A desk that's as ready
as you are

ZipDesk | A Desk as Ready as You Are