A 5-Minute Desk?

Simply attach the feet to the legs, securely lock the legs into the receiving brackets on the desktop, and connect two cables. That’s it!

Because it’s already almost entirely factory pre-assembled and tested, putting your ZipDesk together is foolproof and fast (check out the video below).

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Why Save Your Box?

Unlike most desks, these desks are specifically designed to be easily taken apart for moving. With Work From Home becoming commonplace, the convenience of disassembly helps convince office dwellers that the ZipDesk is perfect for both office and home. Also ideal for students when they move into their first dorm room, first apartment, and maybe even their first office. These desks are built to last a lot longer than cheaply made Chinese imports. The ZipDesk even repacks into its original protective carton for safe shipping by parcel carrier.

How to Unbox

How to Re‑box

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For those who want a look under the hood, here are the facts.

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A desk that's as ready as you are

A desk that's as ready
as you are

ZipDesk | A Desk as Ready as You Are